Why NOT solid wood cabinets in Panama?

Solid Wood is beautiful. No doubt about it. In a country with a high humidity level such as Panama it may
not be the best choice, especially when finding completely dry wood here is so difficult.

Wood expands as humidity fluctuates and unfinished (exposed) wood will exhibit dramatic changes.  Solid wood will dimensionally change more across the grain than with grain and eventually joints will crack.  Where humidity exposure is uneven, the piece may warp, cup or bow and you’ll most certainly be left with doors and drawers that become misaligned and no longer close properly.

When humidity levels normalize, the issues will probably correct themselves but there is no guarantee and you’ll likely be left with some form of permanent damage.  In addition, if the wood isn’t correctly treated, there will be the added worry of mold and bugs.

The optimal humidity level is 35% to 50% relative humidity.  Extreme conditions (lower than 20% or higher than 80%) especially need to be avoided.

Moisture resistant melamine is a perfect solution!  You’ll have beautiful interiors for years to come.  At Pan Pacific Interiors we’re so confident of the exceptional quality of our materials, we give a 5-year warranty on all our work.

Our reviews speak for themselves.

Cracked wood

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